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More than an RFID tag supplier.

At Vizinex, we work with customers every step of the way to solve even the most complex asset tracking problems, delivering the right tag for the right job – affordably, efficiently and consistently.

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RFID. Anywhere.

Systems integrators and end users deploy Vizinex RFID tags to solve a wide variety of asset tracking challenges, from medium-duty applications to extreme environments like oil wells and autoclaves.

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Years of experience. Total accountability.

We are the only leading RFID tag manufacturer to perform all operations – development, engineering and manufacturing – in the United States. That means engaged customer service, increased accountability … and the right tag at the right price.

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Off the shelf or specialized. It's your call.

We offer a wide variety of RFID tags for near-immediate delivery. If a specialized solution is needed, our R&D team excels at engineering, developing and producing tags to meet strict deadlines.

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Vizinex RFID and Xtreme RFID Partner to Launch the Allied Series

Vizinex RFID is proud to announce it has partnered with Xtreme RFID to develop the VX-Mid, a mid-range, mount-on metal RFID tag.

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Vizinex Adds Staff to Increase Production Capacity

Vizinex has added to the production staff at its Allentown, PA production facility.

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Using RFID to Track Critical Medical Device Information

RFID technology can automate the processes of tracking and gathering critical information about medical devices.

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Ask the RFID Expert: Medical Device Lifecycle Management

A professionally deployed RFID system can automate a significant number of tasks related to medical device lifecycle management, improving end-of-life recordkeeping accuracy and helping to ensure patient safety.

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Success Stories

Meeting the Needs of a Leading Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier

After several failed attempts with other RFID tag suppliers, a leading oil & gas equipment/solutions provider approached Vizinex to develop a passive UHF tag that could be press-fit into metal drilling tools and equipment.

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Sentry-AST High Temperature RFID Tag

Vizinex RFID has developed an RFID tag that is specifically designed for superior performance when attached to metal assets that are placed into the harsh chemicals and temperatures of an autoclave machine.

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