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Vizinex RFID Products

Vizinex designs, manufactures and optimizes RFID solutions for a wide range of applications – including specialized products built to suit your unique RFID requirements.

All of our products are engineered with durability and reliability in mind and will provide years of accurate readings for their intended application.

ViziCore: Embedded RFID Technology for OEMs and Manufacturers

ViziCore embedded RFID technology provides OEMS and manufacturers with an efficient, affordable solution for embedding RFID functionality directly into their products to increase asset visibility, reduce inventory costs and more.

Allied Series RFID Tags from Vizinex and Xtreme RFID

The Allied VX-Mid is a mount-on-metal UHF RFID tag engineered specifically for demanding, industrial environments. It ensures accurate readings for yard management, manufacturing and more.

Sentry AST RFID Tags from Vizinex