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Partners / Customers


RFID4U is an implementation and software development company that designs, builds, and manages leading business intelligence solutions using RFID, Barcode, GPS & NFC technologies. We provide a wide variety of solutions, consulting and training services to end-users and other RFID services companies in both the commercial and government sectors. Our clients use RFID4U technology to manage and improve their asset utilization and supply chains in diverse industries such as healthcare, retail, IT, automotive and security for government and civilian facilities. »

RFID Global Solution

RFID Global Solution is a leading provider of data center and enterprise-wide asset management solutions. The Virginia company provides a one-stop shop for clients’ RFID needs, including solution design, systems architecture, software development, systems integration, deployment and support. RFID Global’s proprietary Visi-Trac™ software and SmartTrac™ read stations serve as the lynchpins of asset tracking, location awareness and security systems for high-value IT and network equipment, aerospace parts and tools, oil and gas assets and enterprise accountable property. »


With over 25 years of experience, AssetWorks is a leading provider of fixed asset software solutions for asset management, surplus management, and inventory control. Whether you are tracking one facility or multiple locations, AssetWorks’ scalable solutions improve inventory accuracy and minimize processing time. A customizable, modular approach makes it easy to implement legacy data, business rules and policies while easy-to-use, automated processes allow property managers to keep data organized and accessible. »

Global RFID

Global RFID Systems North America is a veteran owned RFID Systems Integrator with the technical expertise to support all types of RFID products in a wide range of applications. We advocate an open platform and therefore combine the best system components specific to solving our customer’s needs across the full array of products & solutions in the primary RFID frequency groups: 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF. .

Above all, we are committed to providing excellent customer service through concept, manufacturing and product delivery. »


OATSystems’ RFID Asset Tracking solutions drive process improvement, increase asset utilization and improve quality for Industrial Manufacturers and Healthcare providers. OATSystems has set the standards in RFID and is responsible for the largest scale and scope of enterprise RFID deployments in the industry. »


ODIN is the only world-wide RFID company with more than 500 successful RFID projects completed and over $30 million of R&D invested in patented RFID-specific software. ODIN’s RFID solutions provide high scalability and easy integration into back-end systems, while delivering certainty-based location information for critical assets. »

American Barcode & RFID

Since 1980, American Barcode and RFID Inc. (AB&R) has been a nationally-recognized technology integrator of innovative Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) solutions that help customers manage assets, track inventory, mobilize their work force, and secure their work place. AB&R “Puts Information to Work” with its specializations in bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID) and secure card technologies. »

Asset Vue

Asset Vue is a data center and critical space solution provider dedicated to using process oriented methodologies and innovative technologies to enable promote efficient organizations and enable DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) tools.  Their flagship solution utilizes passive RFID to streamline the inventory, audit, and asset tracking processes critical to maintaining accurate data used to prevent downtime, plan builds and manage your space. »

Barcodes Inc

BarcodesInc is North America’s leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions. Over the past eighteen years, we have worked hard to earn a reputation for being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented. Additionally, we are product experts with deep experience in field mobility, inventory and point-of-sale solutions. »

Entigral Systems

For over 25 years, Entigral Systems has been a leading vendor of asset tracking systems based on sensors, serialization, and advanced data collection. We sell to enterprise customers in the manufacturing, government, pharmaceutical, logistics, and transportation industries. We sell customized-off-the-shelf tracking applications for warehouse management, inventory management, closed-loop tracking, capital asset tracking, real-time location, work in-process management, supply chain execution, and access control. Our systems automate business processes using specialized sensors, especially RFID (radio frequency identification), in both server and mobile modes. Our technology is based on TraxWare®, our proven software platform for sensor-based automation. »

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems’ RFID Merchandise Visibility solutions help apparel retailers increase sales by improving merchandise availability through improved on-shelf availability, reduced working capital and enhanced loss prevention. »

Dynasys Technologies

Dynasys, located in Dunedin, FL, was formed in 1988 by a team of advanced development electrical engineers whose mission is to provide the most efficient RFID automatic data collection technologies and system solutions based upon proven standards. Dynasys has designed, manufactured, and distributed worldwide its own products as well as those of other manufacturers that were focused on the automatic data collection market. Dynasys has gained expertise in the design, development and implementation of a wide spectrum of RFID hardware and software and continues its relationships with many of the prominent data collection and RFID manufacturers throughout the world. »

Element ID

Element ID, Inc. is a manufacturer of rugged HF and UHF Reader Appliances designed with unique features that make them the ideal selection for high speed industrial automation, asset tracking, and management applications. Each reader is comprised of an RFID Reader + Automation System Controller + Embedded Linux PC + Data Management Firmware all in a single box. They also manufacture custom readers for proprietary applications. »

Virtual Doxx Corporation

Virtual Doxx Corporation provides enterprise-class item tracking solutions utilizing RFID technology, which can be implemented as a hosted or in-house solution. Typical implementations emphasize RFID antennas around repository doorways to track items/people coming In or Out, and portable RFID reader to Inventory and Find items. Weapons and Records are among primary markets. »

Alien Technology

Alien Technology provides UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. »

Fujitsu Semiconductor America

Fujitsu is a leading global information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services.  Fujitsu Semiconductor America provides semiconductor solutions for consumer, communications, automotive and industrial products. Fujitsu was a pioneer with FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory), a revolutionary high-performance and low-power non-volatile memory that outperforms conventional Flash and EEPROM. Radiation resistant FRAM is well-suited for use in medical, pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications. »