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RFID Applications

Vizinex RFID designs, engineers and manufactures durable, high-performing RFID tags for general and specialized asset tracking applications. We work with customers every step of the way to solve even the most complex asset tracking problems, delivering the right tag for the right job – affordably, efficiently and consistently.

Vizinex uses a customized approach to RFID problems. We are able to engineer and produce a wide range of high-quality RFID tags using state of the art development tools, patented fabrication processes and proprietary assembly methods that provide quick turn, high value solutions that help organizations meet their asset tracking and ROI goals in nearly any situation.

Some of the applications which we have addressed include:

Oil & Gas

The challenge: develop a tag to survive 1000 hours down hole – where the pressure can reach 30,000 psi,  temperatures climb to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and corrosive chemicals are common.  The goal is achieved by developing an RFID core inlay with a material set and manufacturing process that can be rubber encapsulated to provide a highly durable tag for use in metal drilling tools and equipment.

Yard Management & Transportation

Large mobile assets require durable tags with long read ranges, “all-surface” compatibility and multiple mounting methods.  Vizinex developed the Sentry-AST Long Range with a 45+ foot read range on most surfaces and all-weather durability, the Sentry-AST MidRange with a 25+ foot read range on metal surfaces, and the Sentry-AST MidRange MS with a 12+ foot read range on most surfaces.

General Indoor Asset Tracking

Tags for indoor asset tracking typically require a small footprint.  They need to be multi-surface compatible, durable and easy to apply.  Vizinex RFID tags are used on IT assets in data centers, a wide range of assets in hospitals and academic institutions as well as inventory in warehouses.  Tags for these applications include the Sentry-AST Duo, Multi-Surface, Slim, MidRange and Dura-Label.


Assets that must undergo sterilization may be subjected to gamma radiation, the pressures and high temperatures of repeated autoclave cycles or various chemicals – and the RFID used to track them must survive the specific environment.  To meet these demanding conditions,  Vizinex has developed a number of tags specifically designed for use in sterilization applications – the Sentry-AST Autoclave, a mount on metal tag which survives  repeated autoclave cycles, the Sentry-AST High Temp, and the Sentry-AST Gamma HF, which is designed to be gamma ray resistant to 80 kiloGrays.

Solve Your Toughest Asset Tracking Problem with Vizinex RFID

Whether it’s outstanding RF performance, a unique shape, unusual environmental conditions, or demanding packaging requirements, Vizinex can develop a solution that fits your RFID tagging needs.  Our clients include firms from every corner of the RFID marketplace, including end users in fields like oil and gas, IT, transportation and health care; systems integrators specialized in asset tracking; and OEM product developers.