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Ask the Expert

At Vizinex RFID, our engineers understand the complexity of tracking and securing business assets with RFID systems. Radio Frequency systems can be intimidating and confusing, if you are not versed in the technology. Vizinex is happy to serve as a resource in your search for the best business solution to your tracking problems. Vizinex can help you anticipate the pitfalls of your application, can identify the best tagging solution for your environment, and can aid you in your search for a reliable system integrator partner. Our team of experienced engineers can identify solutions or make recommendations that shortcut your time to full implementation.

The Expert

Robert Oberle, Ph.D. is the CTO and founder of Vizinex RFID, Inc. is the individual who will, personally, field your question. Bob has ten years experience in the RFID field. He holds 10 US patents in the field of RFID antenna design and manufacturing and has applied for 14 more. Many of these unique ideas have been developed in the course of his interaction with Vizinex customers; solving their problems with innovative applications of antenna design and material science concepts. He has spoken at numerous conferences about RFID tag fabrication and assembly, and is a reference point for many people in the RFID world. Bob has a Ph.D. and MS in Material Science from The Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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