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Our Team

Robert Oberle, Ph.D.

CTO and Founder

Robert Oberle

Dr. Robert Oberle founded Vizinex RFID, as RCD Technology, in 2000 and presently serves as Chief Technology Officer and as a member of its Board of Directors. Dr. Oberle is responsible for the design and development of Vizinex RFID’s products and processes to meet the needs of its diverse customer base. As a result of his inventions, the company has been awarded twenty US and numerous foreign patents, along with several pending applications. Dr. Oberle is a frequent speaker on the subject of RFID technology. Prior to founding RCD Technology, Dr. Oberle held positions in Marketing and Product Development with Engelhard Corporation, now part of BASF GmbH, and R&D posts at Enthone Corporation, a subsidiary of Cookson Electronics.

Bob holds a Ph. D. and MS in Materials Science and Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

RF engineering is a complex science.  Vizinex has built a complete set of tools for the  research, development, design and prototyping of RFID tags.   We consistently get prototypes to our customers faster than anyone else in the marketplace, at costs that are remarkably low.

Sandra Garby

Vice President,  Product Management and Founder

Sandra Garby

As Co-Founder and VP of Product Management/Production, Sandra is responsible for Vizinex RFID’s manufacturing operations. Under her direction, Sandra has successfully implemented process improvements and testing automation, which more than doubled manufacturing capacity in the past year. Leveraging prior product management experience, Sandra also supports the sales team by overseeing the product management and marketing efforts at Vizinex RFID.

For over 20 years, Sandra has been directly involved in electronic materials development focusing on metallization, sensors and film development. Prior to joining Vizinex, she served as Business Manager for Engelhard Corporation where she was responsible for managing the Electronic Materials product unit.  Over a two-year period, Sandra’s sales strategies and cost management programs resulted in a 177% increase in sales, bringing the business unit to profitability.

Ms. Garby earned her MBA from LaSalle University and holds a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

Vizinex’s products are matched to the needs of the customer.  Our focus is on the application, and ensuring the RF performance and packaging meet the requirements of the application.  When Vizinex solves the tag problem, you can be sure the product meets the needs better than anything else in the marketplace.

Ken Horton

Chief Operating Officer

Ken Horton

Ken Horton is a veteran with nearly 25 years of operational experience in various leadership positions. Prior to joining Vizinex RFID, as VP of Operations for Cerionx, Ken led a team of engineers and scientists who developed the first low temperature, atmospheric plasma cleaning system for deployment in drug development laboratories. Ken’s team developed this groundbreaking technology from concept to full commercial deployment in a two-year period, amassing several patents in the process.

At his prior assignment, as VP of Operations for Mattson Technologies Wet Process Division, Ken’s accomplishments included cost, cycle time and inventory reduction, on-time shipment and quality improvement, design for manufacturing, lean process implementation and domestic and international outsourcing. In addition, Ken brings a well-rounded vision to operations management with leadership roles including VP of Marketing at Quad Systems, CEO at Pneumatics and Hydraulics, and VP of Operations at Great Valley Products and Quadrant International. Ken has helped to lead several organizations through major transitions, including mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s and a profitable liquidation in both domestic and international settings.

Ken has an Engineering Sciences degree from Dartmouth College, an MBA from Stanford University, and is a graduate of General Electric’s two-year Manufacturing Management Program.

RFID use is spreading to more and more environments where it provides a great ROI by speeding transactions, enhancing security and eliminating errors.  As its use spreads to new environments, customers need help in understanding its virtues and avoiding its pitfalls.  Vizinex can provide the experience these customers need to ensure they get the right RFID tag.

Philip Koppenhofer

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Phil Koppenhofer is responsible for driving sales initiatives, overseeing customer and partner relationships, and managing the marketing strategy for Vizinex RFID. Phil brings with him more than 20 years of technical knowledge, industrial product sales experience, manufacturing relationships, and marketing expertise.

Prior to joining Vizinex RFID, Phil owned and managed Pennswood Partners, a premier sales and marketing consulting firm. As the founding principal partner, Phil developed and implemented sales and marketing programs for clients in a broad range of manufacturing and high tech industries. Prior to Pennswood, Phil held various technical engineering, product marketing, sales and management positions including a role as Director and General Manager for the Wet Products Division of Mattson Technology, a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

Phil graduated from Lehigh University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (emphasis in Manufacturing Technology) with a minor in Economics. Phil also holds an MBA from Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics.

It’s clear the RFID industry is in the midst of an exciting growth period. Vizinex is uniquely positioned as an innovative RFID tag partner to help customers take advantage of RFID technology.