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Company Background

Vizinex RFID’s foundation is the nearly 30 years of combined RFID market experience of its leadership team. Sandra Garby and Bob Oberle founded RCD Technology, the precursor company to Vizinex RFID, in 2001. Bob, Vizinex’s CTO, has developed many unique solutions in the RFID field, and has been awarded 17 patents, with 9 more pending. Sandra, now VP of Operations at Vizinex, led the implementation of production and quality systems that have produced millions of tags for a broad range of applications, from the US Passport Card, to windshield labels to specialized tags for DNA samples for the FBI.

In 2012 the firm decided to focus its effort on the field of asset tagging, where its rugged, high performance, cost effective tags have significant competitive advantages. Vizinex’s unique, patent pending tag platform provides tremendous design and production flexibility. It enables the firm to address an application’s unique requirements without adding significant costs or time to the project. This flexibility and the company’s emphasis on customer service and support have resulted in major successes for the firm in asset tracking applications in IT, rental equipment, retail and oil field capital assets, and containers. Vizinex has developed solutions to RFID challenges in both commercial and government sectors, utilizing both ‘off-the-shelf’ products and custom configurations . The Vizinex team is optimistic about the growth that can be achieved by building on this solid foundation.