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About us

Vizinex’s Mission

Vizinex RFID is the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance RFID tags that are tailored to specific applications. Our experience, design expertise, and flexible manufacturing process, enables us to solve difficult and differentiated RFID problems. We investigate and understand our clients’ needs to optimize solutions and deliver cost effective products.

About Vizinex RFID

Vizinex RFID was established in 2001 to provide leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and governments to help them overcome problems associated with tracking, security, and authentication. Staffed with experienced leaders in manufacturing, quality and product development, Vizinex focuses on providing complete RFID consulting and  RFID tag solution services,  using proven development methods and patented manufacturing processes.

The success of an RFID solution is only as good as the RFID tag deployed for the application. The tag is the single most critical component for data collection. Too often, readers and software are configured for each individual application but little effort is put into the tags. Vizinex’s experience has shown that same level of attention must be focused on the tag design to achieve optimal performance from an RFID system. Vizinex knows that RF performance, environmental robustness and tag positioning are critical factors in the reliability and effectiveness of any RFID system.

Companies, governments and military agencies have recognized the importance of  RFID tag design, and they continue to choose Vizinex products for their superior performance, security and durability. These critical capabilities are enabled by our patented antenna fabrication and inlay assembly processes, as well as material selection and design approach that encourages innovation to solve specific RFID problems.

Vizinex RFID is focused on creating RFID solutions engineered to our customers’ needs. Our customers will attest that Vizinex RFID provides them with tailor-made RFID tag solutions not available from any other RFID solution provider in the industry. Our customers get the most from their RFID deployments.

What Makes Vizinex Unique

A Focus on Innovative Solutions: Vizinex has more than 26 patents, issued or pending, for solution technologies in RFID
Our engineering staff has accumulated over 20 years of experience designing and deploying successful RFID tags
Service: We ensure we understand the customer application and closely support it, both before and after the sale
Speed: Vizinex has processes designed to move the development effort forward quickly and efficiently